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  • 2-storey fully renovated house with infra-red heating system Floors: 2Total area: 165m²Plot size: 1220m² 46 000 € 26 000 + 24 x 835 €
  • An amazing newly built cottage, ready to be furnished, near a big lake Floors: 1Total area: 100m²Plot size: 900m² 34 500 €
  • Furnished 3-bedroom house in traditional Rhodope style Floors: 2Total area: 120m²Plot size: 220m² 52 500 €
  • A splendid furnished house with a swimming pool near Varna and the beach Floors: 2Total area: 360m²Plot size: 970m² 260 000 €
  • A wonderful and authentic Bulgarian house set in the mountain near Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo Floors: 2Total area: 196m²Plot size: 600m² 22 700 €
  • 2-bedroom house in the mountain town of Elena Floors: 1Total area: 120m²Plot size: 340m² 24 900 €
  • A wonderful old style Bulgarian house near Tryavna, on pay monthly Floors: 2Total area: 80m²Plot size: 1200m² 25 300 € 5 300 + 24 x 834 €
  • Renovated traditional Bulgarian house 43 km from Varna and the sea Floors: 2Total area: 80m²Plot size: 3000m² 52 000 €
  • An attractive house with large garden and nice views Floors: 2Total area: 100m²Plot size: 1400m² 15 500 €


What a view! Just come and enjoy it!

15,990 € read more

A house in Sokol, near Silistra and Danube River

9,990 € read more

2475 sq.m. plot of land and an old house only 28 km from Varna City Center and the beach

16,900 € read more

A massive 2-storey house 45 km from Varna

27,900 € read more

A nice house in a village preferred by British citizens

11,900 € read more

Lovely 4-bedroom house revealing stunning mountain views

35,900 € read more

An excellent price for a bungalow at the centre of the coastal town of Kavarna

30,900 € read more

A pretty house ready to be lived in, with a HUGE garden /10000 sq.m./, near Varna

42,000 € read more

Bargain price!!! - a house with 4180 sq.m. plot of land, 55 km from the sea

9,500 € read more

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