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  • Lovely 2-storey house with an orchard garden, 32 km from Stara Zagora Floors: 2Total area: 135m²Plot size: 1800m² 38 900 €
  • Newly built 2-storey house 3 km from the beach Floors: 2Total area: 340m²Plot size: 680m² 139 000 €
  • Brand new 3-bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, on pay monthly, near Balchik Floors: 2Total area: 145m²Plot size: 600m² 38 000 €
  • A beautiful modern house in the coastal town of Kavarna Floors: 1Total area: 93m²Plot size: 497m² 69 990 €
  • 5-bedroom house with a perfect sea view near Albena and Balchik Floors: 3Total area: 290m²Plot size: 550m² 137 950 €
  • A fully renovated and modernized 2-bedroom house 12 km from Dobrich Floors: 1Total area: 85m²Plot size: 1200m² 28 500 €
  • 2-bedroom house in a small town near Dobrich Floors: 1Total area: 73m²Plot size: 458m² 28 500 €
  • Furnished house with a swimming pool on the outskirts of Varna Floors: 2Total area: 176m²Plot size: 600m² 205 200 €
  • A cute a cozy cottage surrounded by fields and revealing gorgeous views Floors: 1Total area: 80m²Plot size: 870m² 43 900 €


A nice house close to Varna and Provadia

18,900 € read more

A well presented cheap house near Shumen

12,200 € read more

3-bedroom house with 8273 sq.m. plot of land in mountain area

23,500 € read more

A house ready to be lived in, 5 km from Danube River

9,990 € read more

Lovely 4-bedroom house revealing stunning mountain views

35,900 € read more

Rural house with a renovated roof and new septic tank, near Pleven

6,500 € read more

2-bedroom house with a swimming pool 50 km from Varna

39,900 € read more

Well maintained fully furnished house at a very good price, near Stara Zagora

12,590 € read more

2-storey house with a well maintained garden near Vratsa

9,900 € read more

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