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The Eastern heaven of the Rhodope Mountains with new routes

The Eastern Rhodope Mountains are known for their many megalithic monuments, forts and temples dating back to ancient times.

This part of the mountain range is rich in natural phenomena - many interesting rock shapes like pyramids, mushrooms, animals and people. The region has a significant potential for rural and hunting tourism.


The opening at Makaza - Nymfaia border crossing 6 months ago allows tourists to combine the visit to the mountain with a trip to the Aegean Sea. It only takes an hour and a half to get from Makaza to the Aegean Sea.


Four Rhodope municipalities - Momchilgrad, Kardzhali, Kirkovo and Kroumovgrad have now joined forces to increase tourism in the area. The project titled " The Eastern World of the Rhodope Mountains " has been developed with packages and themed itineraries, such as "The Magic of Megaliths in the Rhodope Mountains ", " The Mysteries of Orpheus and Orphism ", " The Myths and Legends in the Rhodope Mountains ", " The Spirit of Antiquity and the Middle Ages ", " Rhodope life and Culture "," The Living nature of the Rhodope region "," The Adventures of the Senses "," The Underworld of the Rhodope Mountains , " and " The settlements of the Eastern Rhodopes . "


In mid-April in the Eastern Rhodopes were also presented in the Canadian winter resort of Whistler in Canada. In her presentation, the Bulgarian delegate Michaela Kircheva explained the strategic position of Bulgaria between the two continents and described the colorful traditions of the local community. "There are many successful partnership between Dutch and Bulgarian experts and the local community , which resulted in laying the foundations of an alternative green economy in the Rhodope Mountains in just five years " said Kircheva after returning from Canada.


The Thracian rock city of Perperikon is already attracting crowds of tourists from all over the country and abroad. Via the European project "Perperikon - the Home of Gods and Men ", the archaeological complex has acquired a new vision.


15 km east of Momchilgrad is the Thracian sanctuary of Orpheus. It is only 200 meters from the village of Tatul in the area Kaya Basha . The complex consists of an ancient pagan temple and a medieval fortress. The highest place of the complex is occupied by a tomb, carved in solid rock with the form of a truncated pyramid. According to legend, this is the tomb of Orpheus. On the south side of the magnificent carved rock, there is similar grave.


Whoever visits Ardino, has to pass through the Devil's Bridge. It was built in the fifteenth century on an old road in the Rhodope Mountains, connecting the Aegean region with the Upper Valley.


The walk begins with Kardzhali Regional History Museum, which is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. The rock phenomenon Stone Wedding is located 3 km from Kardzhali. Also nearby are the area's famous Stone Mushrooms, declared natural monuments and protected areas.



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