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  • Amazing newly built 2-bedroom house 10 km from the coastal town of Balchik Floors: 2Total area: 122m²Plot size: 550m² 58 990 €
  • Cozy 3-bedroom house near Ruse Floors: 2Total area: 130m²Plot size: 2500m² 8 900 €
  • Newly built 3-bedroom house near Dobrich & Varna Floors: 2Total area: 160m²Plot size: 2000m² 46 990 €
  • Great investment opportunity - a family hotel at the foot of the Elena Balkan HotelTotal area: 200m²Plot size: 2000m² 55 990 €
  • Brick-built 2-storey house with many rooms, near Yambol Floors: 2Total area: 130m²Plot size: 480m² 9 700 € 2 500 + 12 x 600 €
  • Holiday house in the vacation village of Kranevo Floors: 2Total area: 90m²Plot size: 500m² 46 900 €
  • Spacious 2-storey house in a village close to Danube River Floors: 2Total area: 140m²Plot size: 1000m² 10 900 €
  • Pretty recently built house just outside Dobrich Floors: 2Total area: 130m²Plot size: 1400m² 43 990 €
  • A tempting price for an excellent house with a restaurant and a swimming pool near Varna Floors: 2Total area: 300m²Plot size: 1000m² 79 900 €


Rural cottage with 5000 sq.m. plot of land, near Elena

13,990 € read more

Fully renovated house with solar system and big garden near Elena

29,900 € read more

House with a big garden near Yambol

9,900 € read more

Stylish brand new 2-bedroom house, near Elhovo

28,590 € read more

What a view! Just come and enjoy it!

15,990 € read more

2-bedroom apartment located 200 m from the beach of Obzor Resort

46,000 € read more

A tempting price for an excellent house with a restaurant and a swimming pool near Varna

79,900 € read more

Pretty yellow house near Burgas

14,990 € read more

House in a fishing area, near Burgas

10,500 € read more

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Visa, Entry and Stay in Bulgaria

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