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More and more Japanese tourists visit the Palace in Balchik

Japanese tourists are among the visitors of the Architectural and Park Complex "Palace" in Balchik.


"It is a pleasure that their number is increasing," Prohnis Dobrich told the director Jeni Mihaylova. In her words, Japanese tourists visit the complex to look beyond artifacts, single cultural monuments, movable cultural assets. They are interested in the whole cultural value, as is the APC "The Palace", Mikhailova added.



The Director of the Cultural Institute said that one of the main tasks of the management is to cover all tourists with their different wishes and preferences. They have also targeted a specialized audience. "We want to expand the interests of tourists and different types of tourism," said Mrs. Mihaylova. People with special needs in the "Palace" APC have the opportunity to be able to see on site. If they have special needs, they can be concerned. "We have trained colleagues to help in this area. We are expecting a broad audience, "the director added. Apart from the five-language guides, the complex has guides that can present lectures in Bulgarian, Russian, English, Czech and Romanian languages. Mihaylova said that the consolidation of some of the interesting architectural elements has been completed.


Interesting is the cultural program, which will enjoy the tourists during the summer season. There are several operas, musical, ballet on the open stage "The Palace". Concerts with French performers of jazz music and folk concerts will also delight visitors. The date is already June 6, when guest will be the world-famous master of kavala Theodosii Spassov. During the summer season tourists will be able to visit many exhibitions of interesting and notable authors.

More than 250,000 people are the number of visitors to APC "Dvoretsa" in 2018, said Zheni Mihaylova. Apart from the Romanians, the share of Bulgarians, Russians, Frenchmen, Germans, Poles is significant.



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