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New neighbourhood of the rich is going to be built in Veliko Tarnovo town- 30 houses with pools with panorama and extras

The super complex is located at the top of Kartala quarter in Veliko Tarnovo town.


The building of the most expensive and luxurious residential area of Veliko Tarnovo is just starting. Derveniya House is situated on the top of Kartala in 53 acres of pine forests and has excellent views over the old capital, Tsarevets, Arbanassi and Stara Planina. The investor is a company of the same name. The complex, which includes more than 30 houses, divided into independent plots with yards, swimming pools, barbecues and outbuildings, was designed by arch. Nikolai Georgiev.


A new electric power supply system for the area was set up to provide energy for the first three houses that have already begun construction. Building in this area has been a problem for a long time and now the real actions of the complex are finally starting. Over the years, a number of environmental protests followed, but eventually, even after a one-year moratorium by the previous government, the construction of the Dervenay House is already a fact. The investor possesses proper permits and building permitions.




The new luxury building will be a low duct of building to save more pine trees there. The project ratio should be 60/40. The individual houses will stretch over a living area of over 200 square meters and have separate gardens on several levels. Quite wealthy residents of the old capital, as well as representatives of the architectural environments, envied that the properties here will outnumber everything that has been done so far in the town. Otherwise the requirement for a height of up to 10 meters and the norms for landscaping are strictly adhered to. The future residents of the houses will be able to relax and savour their private pools in the cool and fresh air of the trees. According to real estate agents the location is excellent and the price of the finished houses may exceed that in Arbanassi.


According to the investor, 10 of the 30 properties are sold already even though there are no real houses yet.



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