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Services and fees



Whether you are a Private Investor, a Property Developer or a Commercial Investor, we are here to help.



·          Finding the right property

·          Expert guidance and purchase assistance

·          Surveys

·          Building services

·          Property management

·          Rental services



·          Consultancy services

·          Communication

·          Architecture, Design, Project Management

·          Construction




·          Documentation

·          Building surveys

·          Land surveys

·          Building design

·          Permit applications

·          Construction

·          Building regulations

·          Reception, providing of accommodation and organization of the stay in the country for foreigners during execution of real estate transactions

·          Assistance in visa obtaining

·          Valuation of real estate

·          Financial advice in connection with real estate transactions

·          Investment Consulting

·          Consulting and representation of foreign persons to municipal and state institutions in connection with the acquisition and management of real estate

·          Organization of transport for moving

·          Consulting and assistance regarding the interior design of your property



Taxes and Fees in Case of Purchase and Sale Transactions     


The following fees must be paid upon the performance of the formalities of the deal at the notary’s office:

1. Notary fee, calculated as per the Notary Fees Tariff on the certified material interest + 20% VAT. A notary public charges for preparing the notary deed and for any checks he makes on a property. The fees are set by the government and depend on the purchase price of a property.


2. Fee for the registration of the title deed with the Property Register at the Registry Agency, amounting to 0.1% of the certified material interest.


3. Tax in the case of acquisition of property, amounting to 0.1 to 3 %. The tax rate for each municipality is determined by the municipal council. The tax is calculated on the basis representing the higher of the two values - the tax evaluation of the property, determined in compliance with the rates stipulated under Annex 2 to the Local Taxes and Fees Act or the agreed price. For this purpose, before the performance of the deal at the notary’s office, the owner of the property obtains a Certificate of Tax Evaluation issued by the municipality where it is located.



Depending on the situation, additional charges may be required to be paid, namely:


Remuneration of the real estate agency - 3% but not less than 700 Euro;

Translator’s fees (around 40 lev/€20)

Property viewings fee – the amount is refunded if you buy a home through us

Surveyor’s fee

Utility connection and registration fees


Extra costs and taxes when buying property in Bulgaria

Municipal Tax

Similar to stamp duty in the UK, a municipal tax of 0,3 per cent of the purchase price of the property is paid to the local council.


Running Costs

As well as the fees associated with buying a property, you must take into account running costs. These include building and contents insurance, standing charges for utilities, maintenance (e.g. garden and pool, plus communal areas if you buy an apartment or a property in a development with shared facilities), plus a caretaker’s or management fees if you leave a home empty or let it.