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The new British couple that settled down in Rhodope Mountain

We forgot the rainy London and for 11 years we’ve lived in the lovely Lyubino!


"We have been here for 11 years,attracted by the beautiful nature, clean air and tranquility, and the good community that can not be found in the big city”, the 52-year-old Lee Mounder and his girlfriend Melanie Coban welcomed us with these the words in the village of Lyubino, near Ardino. These are some of the reasons why they decided to leave the UK and settle in the heart of the Eastern Rhodopes. 11 years ago they bought a house with a huge yard, and completely renovated it. There garden is regularly planted with fruits and vegetables. They also have some chickens  and rabbits.



"Nature here is unique and the Rhodopes are the most beautiful place in the world. It is nice to see the sunrise every morning, and the sunset in the evenings. We want to get older here, in this incredibly beautiful scenery, Lee and Melly admitted. They speak already Bulgarian, as well as Turkish.



"We used to live near London. It was raining almost every day, with no sunshine at all. In Bulgaria we came in 2006. We liked the village of Lubino and bought this house. Before 2010 we only came occasionally in the summers, but after that we  decided to live here permanently. The local people are very kind, heartfelt and friendly people, especially Raffet and Shakir, Lee said. Lee is an IT specialist, doing online business with England. He loves to fish in the Arda River in his leisure time.


Lyubino’s mayor Sadka Ahmed said that many foreigners are interested in buying properties in the village because of the beautiful nature and fresh air. Here and in the village of Latinka live six families from England and the Netherlands. "The local people have a wonderful relationship with them. We no longer consider them foreigners, they became our friends, neighbours. They attend all the important events that take place in the village, Ahmed said.


Lyubino is 55 km away from the Ardino municipal center and it is the most remote village in the region. Here is the oldest mosque in the region. Most of the Lyubino and Latinka’s native residentslive in Ardino, Kardzhali, Asenovgrad or in Turkey. The main livelihood in the two villages is livestock breeding and collection of wild mushrooms. Farmers breed some cows.


Gunner Shukri


Source: rodopi24

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