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Varna is the most livable city

Bulgaria won for the second time the award for Best City to Live in "24 Hours" and "Darik Radio."

The organizers said that getting presents more subjective criteria, and not as competition between the mayors of different cities.

The study included 40 cities, which are judged on 44 criteria, compared to 35 city and 40 criteria in the past year. Four additional criteria were added this year to reflect the actual state of the cities.

The ranking is made by people living in cities who know them very well and is arranging for your lifestyle. The city is elected by the people based on whether it can do business, whether working population, and whether you can live well, said Konstantin Valkov, Program Director of Darik Radio.

The criteria included those with more sunny days, great place to drink coffee, humor residents and others., Which may prevail for evaluation and to assist in climbing up to the city.

Mayors of rankings as perceived competition between them, a noble one that definitely has a positive effect, according Gagauzov, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, the patron of the initiative. He welcomed the ranking, saying that he hoped in the future to be done.

Logically, Sofia won the business city. This is only natural - the background that 70% of investments in the country are slashing the capital, said the mayor Boyko Borisov, after accepting the award.

He wanted more investment to be diverted to other cities in order to solve the problem of overpopulation of the city and the difficulties that causes it to infrastructure.

Only in yesterday from the motorway from Varna to Sofia entered about 300 000 cars, which in itself is eloquently said Mayor Borisov.

Between 40 and 80 thousand people come each year to live in Sofia, which is determined by the fact that it is a business center of the country. Only German investments in the capital this year amounted to 1.5 billion lev, added Borisov.

This year, we added three nominations - the most green, the most beautiful and most cultured city living. Republic won the most green city, the most beautiful was set Veliko Tarnovo and the most cultural city - Plovdiv.

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