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A Bulgarian woman masterfully lands a plane during a storm in London

One of the planes that landed successfully at Heathrow Airport in London, despite the violent storm, was operated by a Bulgarian and her crew.

Commander Raina Koseva has over eight thousand flying hours behind her and is also the mother of three children NEW .

Landing a plane in high winds looks scary even from the side. But Commander Raina Koseva is cold-blooded because planes and pilots obey the rules.
"And in our profession there are definitely no experiments. Everything is by the rules and we follow them. This is our job. Flights are operated by different types of aircraft and each type of aircraft has its limitations. Most likely, those who canceled their flights did not allow their landing in such conditions, " commander Koseva said.

Due to the headwind, the flight lasted about 30 minutes more than usual. "At Heathrow Airport, the weather was unpleasant for passengers because there was wind. There was rain, there was turbulence in the west, which was very unpleasant. It is absolutely safe as a phenomenon, as any pilot will tell you, but it is extremely uncomfortable for passengers , ”she added.

The pilots do not feel the turbulence because on the one hand they are accustomed, on the other they are trained. "We train every six months, all pilots go to simulators - where they train in all kinds of situations - from fires, engine failures, high winds, turbulences," says Commander Koseva.

She is the mother of three children - twins Ivaylo and Maria, and her eldest daughter, Daniel. "Most of all, I like to spend time with the kids and basically we do everything together - we ski, bike, climb mountains, parachute, bungee," the pilot said.



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