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Buying process

Preliminary Contract

The first stage in buying a home in Bulgaria is the signing of a preliminary contract.

There are a number of types of preliminary contract, depending on whether you’re buying an existing (built) property or a new property off plan (i.e. yet to be built or under construction).


Buying an Existing Property

The preliminary contract will describe exactly what you’re buying, including the amount of land associated with the property. The contract will also state the amount of the deposit you’ve agreed with the vendor and any conditional clauses.


Buying Off Plan

If you’re buying an off-plan property, the preliminary contract should include full details of the property to be built, what extras are included (e.g. swimming pool or parking space), any services to be provided, the timetable for construction, the price (including any possible variations or additions), a schedule of payments, details of penalties for non-completion and circumstances under which the deposit is to be refunded and details of any guarantees applicable.

In an off-plan purchase, payments are spread over 12 to 18 months, depending on when you put down a deposit and when the development is due for completion. Payment schedules vary.


Signing the Notary Act

Signing the notary act (sometimes referred to as the notary deed, purchase contract or final contract, which is equivalent to a title deed) is the final step in taking ownership of your property. If you’re unable to be present at the signing, we can do it on your behalf if you supply us with a power of attorney.

In the case of an off-plan purchase, the final contract isn’t signed until building is complete. In the case of an off-plan purchase, payment is made in stages.

The signing of the notary act takes place in front of a notary public.