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The Bulgarian East wouldn’t be the same without this pebble in the fine golden sands of the Black Sea Coast - Burgas. It is situated 134 km south of Varna and is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria with a population of around 200 thousand people.

The Bulgarian East wouldn’t be the same without this pebble in the fine golden sands of the Black Sea Coast - Burgas. It is situated 134 km south of Varna and is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria with a population of around 200 thousand people. Its airport is the second busiest in the country.


Just a day spent there would be more than enough for one to see what this coastal metropolis is all about. It is about the sunny hours of sunbathing and swimming in the morning, the relaxing walks along the cool, shady alleys in the quiet sea garden after lunch, the mesmerizing panoramic views of the sea with its white boats and huge ships in the afternoon and the delicious dinners under the stars, accompanied by the symphonies of the waves in the bistros on the seafront in the evening. And of course the crazy sleepless nights of dancing and partying in the city’s night clubs and discotheques…but this counts only for the more energetic tourists.


The pedestrian streets in the city centre are surrounded by fantastic architectural monuments and neat little houses typical of the National Revival Period and St. Cyril and St. Methodius Cathedral impresses with its exquisite wall paintings and richly ornate wood-carved altar.


If you love music then August is the time to come to Burgas. This is when the Spirit of Burgas music festival takes place. Every year hundreds of musicians and thousands of fans gather together on the central beach of the city to forget about all the annoying everyday banalities and enjoy life instead.



The region around Burgas abounds in fun vacation spots and places of interest that offer a vast array of attractions for tourists to enjoy. Sunny Beach to the north and Kiten, Lozenets and Ahtopol to the south make up the party zone, while the wild beaches of Irakli and Silistar and the little village of Sinemorets are all responsible for creating the perfect atmosphere for peaceful relaxation. Sozopol and Nesebar highlight the historical significance and cultural greatness of the region while Veleka and Ropotamo Rivers demonstrate its natural richness.

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The town of Balchik up north is yet another pearl in the crown of the Bulgarian seaside that is worth visiting by those who wish to further expand their knowledge on local culture. read more


Kavarna is a place of rich history which has preserved its virginity and the charm of its unique nature and in the meantime - a developing centre of golf tourism. read more


Zlatograd is a charming village located in the Smolyan Province of the Rhodope Mountains only 2 km from the Greek border and 60 km southeast of Smolyan. Between the years of 1867 and 1912 under the rule of the Ottoman Empire the area of the township was known as Daridere. Remittances of that era remain with its numbers historic buildings and 19th century Orthodox churches including a town mosque. read more


Smolyan is a small town, located in the southern part of Bulgaria, near the border of Greece. It is mostly known as a ski resort with a beautiful natural landscape and a popular tourist destination. Its population is about 30000, but it is larger during some parts of the year due to its reputation for having many visitors. It is only a three-hour drive from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city. read more

Pamporovo Ski Resort

Pamporovo, located in southern part of Rhodopes, is the southernmost ski center in whole Bulgaria and is one of the most popular winter resorts in the country. Located only 80 kilometers from Plovdiv it is easily accessible by roads. read more

Veliko Tarnovo

Have you heard of Veliko Tarnovo? Has anyone ever told you anything about this town? Did you know that it was established over 7000 years ago... read more

Gela Village

In the middle of a mountain, surrounded by gigantic peaks, you can find a tiny village called Gela. This place is may be tiny in terms of residents or size, but it is greater than anyone thinks. read more

The coastal town of Byala (Varna)

Byala is a small coastal resort situated 50 km south of Varna and 79 km north of Bourgas. The resort offers wide beaches, clean sea water and broad-leaved forest. The shore line of Byala is characterized by combination of a rocky shore, small bays, and beach lines with sand dunes. read more


The city of Varna is situated in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea shore. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest one on the Black Sea shore with population of about 330 000 people. read more


Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, behind the capital Sofia, and is one of the most historic cities in the whole of the Balkan’s. read more
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