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From The Mediterranean Messina To The Beautiful Varna

Today we have the pleasure to speak with our new friend Giuseppe, from the charming island of Sicily, that decide to take an adventure and finished married in Bulgaria.

Name and nationality:

Giuseppe Bonamonte, Italian


Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

I’m 27 years old and currently living in Varna, and I work in iCard


Why and when did you come to Bulgaria?

I came to Bulgaria 3 years ago, because of a friend that asks me why I don’t move to Bulgaria, and at that time I havent visited any country in eastern Europe and i decide to give it a try, so far have been the best experience in my life!


What do you like about Italy?

I love the seafood, as you know Sicily is in the Mediterranean sea, and the Football I’m a Juventus fan.


What are some differences between Italy and Bulgaria?

The biggest difference between Italy and Bulgaria is the way that the people approach you, in Italy after 5 seconds everybody is like your best friend, in Bulgaria is not that way, you have to get to know each other and after some days or months you can get to know this person, so is a different way to approach to people.


What do you like about Bulgaria?

I love Bulgaria, I like everything, but what I like the most, are the small things, how Bulgarians are proud of their country, their traditions, like Baba Marta, their alphabet, the small villages.


What was the most difficult bureaucratic procedure you have undergone so far in Bulgaria?

Well, 4 months ago I wanted to exchange my UK driver license for the Bulgarian one and was a nightmare because they ask me for the residence ID, and mine was with my old Sofia address, then I Varna they told me to go to KAT Sofia to exchange the driver’s license, so at the end I finishing spending 3 working days in the procedure. an so far that the most complicated procedure for me in Bulgaria.


Mention one important experience you’ve had in Bulgaria:

I got married in Bulgaria, and my son is going to be Bulgarian too.


Did you meet your wife in Bulgaria?

Yes, on my second day!



If you have the chance to change something in Bulgaria, what it will be?

 If I have the possibility to change something that would be giving more to the baba, people in the villages live with very little money, I mean to be more equal, to dont have such a big difference between the middle class and low class, because if you work 40 or 50 years is really bad that at the end you don’t have the money to even buy a banitza.


What languages do you speak other than Italian?

Sicilian and English.


What countries have you been to?

I lived in the UK, Belgium and in Latvia, I liked better Latvia even in the winter can reach -30 degreed celsius.


You mention that you work in iCard, what do you do there?

I work in the marketing team, I’m a community manager, so my main task is to make the community and develop our products in Italy, but also in Bulgaria.

I’m writing articles for our blog and im the owner of our Facebook page, my main goal is to be the Italian ambassador for iCard in Italy and promote our products and find new partners.


What advice would you give to other people who would like to come to live in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is not for everybody, in my opinion, it depends, Bulgaria can be the best country in the world or the worst, it will depend on your point of view and what are you looking for.

If you want to live in Bulgaria you should be ready to fall in love with the country and with everything, it’s difficult for me to explain to a person who isn’t living here how amazing is this country.

Even sometimes I argue with my wife because she always complains, I know maybe it is not the best country, but it is a great country to live in.

We want to thank Giuseppe for taking the time to speak with as and shre his experience in Bulgaria with Foreigner BG.



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